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4. February 2019 - 8. February 2019


# Dance the sound / Give dance a voice

“As does dance reflect an inner rhythm and an inner sound, singing carries an innate dance within it.  It is an invisible movement projected into space.”
In this improvisation based class we will combine dance with voice. We will transition from movement to sound and back as well as sharpen our awareness in preparation for later interdisciplinary exchanges. We will work on building bridges between dance and singing and transmitting our dance-based body knowledge into our voice. By exploring physical principles of dance and their coherent relationship to the singing action’s principals we’ll give our voice the opportunity to widen its range.  We will focus on action and reaction. Realizing sound as a physical imprint that will go on to a following action. Perceiving the dancing action as a sound, melody or rhythm in space, as an additional layer to our dance. We will open up to our surroundings, tuning into other bodies’ soundscape and movements. Exploring and cultivating a common ground of action through sound and dance, heating up the room through group actions.



Fiona´s artistic life began as a singer. Soon she began questioning the classical approaches towards vocal education and in her search for answers she was led to a more physical approach and finally to movement and dance. Today her artistic work is still based in the two art forms. Her interest is not only focused on dance and singing themselves but about their coherences between them. Beside a private singing education she studied music science and Rhythmik as well as dance, improvisation and performance at TIP bewegungs-art, Freiburg.


4. February 2019
8. February 2019
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