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19. October 2020 - 23. October 2020


# Flying Low & Passing Through


After having studied for years with David Zambrano and his students, for me Flying Low and Passing Through have become my main technical background from which I learned a lot about pathways, the use of space, entering the floor, being grounded, speed, precision and connection as a group. Flying Low and Passing Through are beneficial as a dance technique as well as a social game for any body who likes to move. The way of connecting people as a group and exchanging ideas and motivation with each other is a very strong line in David Zambrano’s teaching method and this I would like to continue and share with the participants from this training. This will be a dynamic and physically very active class. Please bring a t-shirt that covers the shoulders, long pants and a long sleeves shirt. We will be sliding, rolling, turning and constantly going into the floor and out of the floor while gathering and sending. We will sweat, train and share some intense energies.

I have found my own way of researching within this training, a method which I called „Embracing Space“ and I will introduce a few aspects of this within the training. My goal is to go from physically and coordination challenging set combinations into using Flying Low and Passing Through as a common language to improvise together.




As a human I have a passion for and experience in Improvisation, Instant Composition, Movement Research, Flying Low, Passing Through, Release Technique and as a choreographic assistant. Interested in the different ways to use the body in order to communicate and express something, either an abstract story or research aswell as a narrative clearer story, I try to let these subjects influence my trainings aswell. Throughout the past seven years (I spent only one year in the Conservatory in Vienna and decided it doesn´t serve my artistic development) I have made my own education by following teachers, working intensely on certain qualities and subjects and already worked in the field.

What interests me as a dancer and artist is how I can fully support an idea and become different things and keep on learning from many areas. I don´t think we as humans are one dimensional, but rather have multiple talents and interests and I want to approach my dance and movement in the same way.

As a teacher and as a human I try to never lose the endless curiosity and openness to discover new approaches and learn from others and share with others.



19. October 2020
23. October 2020
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