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MAI 2019
25 & 26

Zentrales Anliegen der WORKSHOPREIHEN in 2019 bis 2021 ist es, ein breites und kostengünstiges Angebot zu schaffen, das inhaltlich auf aktuelle Strömungen und Tendenzen reagiert. Die Workshops können als Impulsgeber, zur Weiterbildung und zum Austausch genutzt werden. Sie richten sich an Amateure und professionelle Tänzer*innen. Im Rahmen von TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund ist es bis 2021 möglich, vermehrt internationale Dozent*innen einzuladen.



WORKSHOP mit Jana Unmüßig

25. & 26. Mai 2019
10-18 Uhr (1 h Lunch) im E-WERK (Ferdinand-Weiss Strasse 6a, 79106 Freiburg)


The two day workshop Doing Dramaturgy – ways of knowing about the work at work explores various aspects of contemporary dramaturgical practices. On the one hand the workshop discusses dramaturgy as a way of seeing/ interpreting work and on the other hand as an artistic practice in its own terms.
The first day starts with the reading of selected writings on contemporary dramaturgy. We then turn to viewing documentations of experimental contemporary dance/choreography/live art performances and practice critical reflection about the works we viewed. Towards the end of this first day, we share thoughts and knowledge on how far composing a piece does the dramaturgy of the work – without explicitly needing A dramaturgy.
The second day starts with an intervention by Finnish dramaturge Otso Huopaniemi (Doctor of Arts) exposing us to his view on dramaturgy as artistic practice in an expanded field of theatre. We then inquire through concrete exercises that Otso Huopaniemi proposes how his conception of dramaturgy can open up constructive matters of performances lingering within the realm of choreography, dance.
Writings on dramaturgy will be in English. A list with the selected passages will be sent to workshop participants some days prior to the workshop so that texts will be read when the workshop starts. Otso Huopaniemi´s intervention will be in English.


JANA UNMÜSSIG is an artist-researcher with a background in experimental contemporary choreography. She did theatre studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, trained dancing and choreography at SEAD Salzburg and HZT Berlin. During her Master at the HZT she started to freelance, gained some visiblity with her choreographic work, but realized that she enjoys the context of art academy as a place to do work and develop research. Therefore, she enrolled in the doctoral program of the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland where she defended her doctoral research in August 2018. Her work has been presented internationally. April 2019 she starts as visiting researcher at the Performing Arts Research Centre of the Theater Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. She lives and moves between Helsinki, Finland and Freiburg, Germany.

More about Jana HERE, more about Otso Huopaniemi HERE



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Workshopsprache: English & Deutsch


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